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Bremerton Divorce and Family Law Lawyer Serving Washington and Kitsap County

I solely represent divorce and family law clients. I can help any person who has a Washington divorce or family law issue with paperwork or general legal advice, and offer full representation for clients located in and around Kitsap County, Washington, including the communities of Bremerton, Bainbridge Island, Silverdale, Poulsbo, Shelton, Port Orchard, Gig Harbor, Belfair, Port Townsend, Kingston, and Mason County, as well as all of the surrounding areas, and the military bases of Naval Base Kitsap and Keyport.

Although not a native to Bremerton or Kitsap County, it is a great pleasure to practice law in Kitsap County, and I enjoy my Bremerton office very much. Nothing like being able to hear seagulls from your law office! Please see the about page to learn more about my reasons for practicing law in Kitsap County and my experience as a lawyer here in Washington, and my reasons for moving to the Kitsap County area.

Divorce and Family law Attorney

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Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Family law issues include divorce, child custody modification, child support modification, child visitation modification, paternity issues, grandparents' rights, paternity, adoption, legal separation, separation agreements, spousal support and alimony, temporary child support or spousal support, parenting plans, meretricious relationships (often confused with common law marriage), fathers' rights, joint child custody, and much more.

All the events which fall under the umbrella of family law are extremely important events in your life and the lives of your child or children. A competent family law attorney is essential to get a good result for your family. I also handle international and Indian law divorce and family law issues. Few attorneys have any experience with divorces or other family law issues that also involve immigration issues or Indian law issues. These issues can include support obligations incurred by a visa application, pre-nuptial agreements between an American citizen and a foreign spouse, issues related to the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), divorces where each spouse lives in a different country, and many other fairly unique circumstances.

Help With Divorce and Family Law Paperwork and General Legal Advice

As I've practiced in Washington and worked in the Kitsap County area, I've noticed more and more the problems that can result from people "cheaping out" on their divorce. They go to a website advertising cheap easy Washington divorces and go through the process without ever even consulting a divorce or family law attorney. Then they come to me two, three, five years down the road with a huge problem on their hands that is either no longer possible to fix or extremely expensive to fix.

I've found that by taking advantage of new technology and database software I can generally help people do the paperwork for their divorce or family law actions, as well as give them legal advice about the process and proceedings, for about the same price as it would cost to have a paralegal company fill in some paperwork. I offer in person appointments billed by the tenth of an hour or can do phone appointments with either a deposit or a flat fee. Click on the help with paperwork" for more details.

General Practice

There are many miscellaneous legal issues which I handle. I will not accept a case if I do not know the law well enough to handle it competently, but I often can refer the matter to a competent lawyer who practices in that area of law.

Why Choose Me as Your Divorce or Family Law Lawyer?

I have tried to make my law practice as client-centered as possible. As an attorney I think it is important to try and serve clients as well as possible. Not just being a lawyer who provides high quality legal services, but provides legal services which are convenient and affordable. My law practice tries to focus on providing a high level of availability, affordability, and communication without sacrificing the quality of attorney services provided.

Meet With Your Lawyer on Evenings or Weekends

While other lawyers may only be available 9:00-5:00, I try to make myself available during the evenings and weekends if necessary. I understand that it is difficult for many people to take time off work to see an attorney, or they have a child or children they can't leave alone. Because I am a solo practitioner and a lawyer committed to client service, I am more than willing to meet clients after-hours and have the necessary flexibility to be able to.

Reasonable Attorney's Fees

Having reasonable fees involves more than just having a reasonable hourly rate. As a lawyer, I strive to take into account the financial situations of my clients in every decision I make, rather than billing the maximum possible hours. I am committed to not only having a reasonable fee, but reasonable billing practices.

Free Consultation With an Attorney

I provide consultations at no charge, up to one-half of an hour for any divorce, family law, or victims' rights law issue. Unlike some law firms, I meet with clients personally, so they are talking with the lawyer working on their case instead of a different lawyer or a paralegal. Feel free to drop in at my Bremerton office, call to arrange an appointment, or e-mail me. Better yet, fill out the contact form on the "contact me" page and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Contacting me with some general information about your legal problem before-hand allows me to be more prepared for your consultation and thus make better use of our time.

Flat Fees for Some Attorney Services

Where possible, I try to offer flat fees for legal services. This way, you know exactly what your attorney's fees will be, and will not be confronted with an unexpectedly high bill from your lawyer later on.

Lawyer Who Tries to Help Clients Help Themselves

Attorneys' fees are high, and there are some things that the typical person can do themselves. Where possible, I try to offer packages that allow motivated clients to do part of the work themselves to save money without compromising on quality. As your lawyer, I look up the law and give legal advice, but the client could handle aspects of the case that don't really require an attorney. I am not the type of lawyer who has to handle everything. I think sometimes a client who is a self-starter can, with their intimate knowledge of their case, do things just as well as an attorney and do not need their lawyer to do everything.

Bremerton Office Located in Central Kitsap County

My office is located in Bremerton in Kitsap County, Washington. From this location it is easy to serve clients throughout Kitsap County, Mason County, and Jefferson County. I am close enough to the Kitsap County Superior Courthouse, the Jefferson County Superior Courthouse, and the Mason County Superior Courthouse that you will not have to pay for extensive fees for travel time.

My address is: Michael D. Johnson, Attorney at Law; 2135 6th Street, Suite 101; Bremerton, WA 98312.
For a convenient online contact form, please visit the contact page.

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